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Raising Concussion Awareness | Physical Therapy at Maidencreek

August 2016

Penn State St. Joseph Raising Awareness about Concussions Prior to Start of Fall Sports

Is your child a student athlete?  Head injuries resulting from participation in sports have been the focus of recent attention in light of increasing awareness of the dangers of concussion in young people. Penn State Health St. Joseph’s new Sports Medicine Clinic is dedicated to diagnosing and treating concussions, as well as all other sports injuries and illnesses.
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St. Joseph Receives Top Rating for Treating Heart Attacks   

The timing for treating someone having a heart attack can mean the difference between life and death. To help save lives, the American Heart Association and the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care joined forces in September 2011 to launch the American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline® Heart Attack Referring/Receiving Center Accreditation Program. The program recognizes hospitals that quickly and appropriately treat heart attack patients.

The American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline® Heart Attack Referral/Receiving Accreditation Program recognizes centers that have demonstrated expertise and commitment to quality patient care by meeting stringent criteria.

Young Mother Celebrates Daughter’s First Birthday by Paying it Forward
Maritza Loaiza thought carefully about her daughter’s upcoming first birthday. She wanted to celebrate Mya Sofia’s birthday in a way that would not only honor the little girl, but also make a difference in the life of another person. As a result, she initiated the Mya Sofia Birthday Project.

Getting To Know Our Services
Physical Therapy
Suffering from back pain, carpal tunnel, headache, or arthritis? Physical Therapists are evidence-based healthcare professionals who offer cost-effective treatment that helps improve motion and relieve pain. And we’re pleased to announce the service is now available at our Maidencreek location!

Call 610-208-4652 to schedule an appointment.

Don’t Floss? Your loss says dental hygienist
In light of recent reports, the Dental Department felt compelled to weigh-in in the defense of one of the most important homecare devices available for oral health… you guessed it folks: floss! What would dear Dr. Levi Parmly, the inventor of dental floss, say in response to the recent attack on his beloved interproximal aide?! Who knew a little “string” could cause such riot!