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Hey Ladies…Here’s the Top 5 reasons You Need a Primary Care Physician and a Gynecologist!

By Dr. Jessika Kissling, Obstetrics & Gynecology Physician, Penn State Health St. Joseph OB/GYN Associates

Most women will benefit from having both a Primary Care Physician (PCP) and a Gynecologist, as their specialties cover very important aspects of your health. Many women see only a Gynecologist and consider them their PCP and women also may see their PCP for gynecologic care. But as a practicing Gynecologist, believe me when I say that having both involved can help to make sure you are making the most of your health care. Let me share why.

  1. PCP’s Focus on Preventive Care
    Seeing a PCP regularly, especially for preventive visits will make sure you are receiving the recommended preventive care based on your age, family history, personal history, and risk factors. Emphasis on preventive care will help keep you healthy and identify aspects that need more focus or attention.
  2. PCP’s Offer Personalized Care
    Establishing a PCP allows that Physician or Medical Provider to get to know YOU, your medical history, your needs, your religious or spiritual beliefs, your family, and other aspects related to your care. When you know your provider well, you are more likely to trust their opinions, recommendations, and follow their advice. This allows visits to be more productive as well, as there is less time spent covering topics or history that have been previously discussed.
  3. PCP’s Provide Urgent and Sick Care
    Many PCP offices now are striving to offer ‘same day’ or ‘urgent care’ style visits. By seeing your PCP office they already know your medical history, prior treatments and tests, and can provide better care for you in this urgent setting. If you need follow up they also have the ability to review any prior tests, treatments, and response to help avoid unnecessary costs, repeating of tests, and allow improved diagnosis of conditions with this continuity of care.
  4. PCP’s Collaborate with other Specialties
    PCPs often have close relationships with specialists who provide care outside their expertise, and can help guide you to one that will best meet your care needs. This working relationship helps to improve the quality of care, attention to your medical conditions, and ongoing management of complex medical conditions.
  5. It’ll Result in Lower Costs
    Seeing a PCP and having coordination of care decreases the need for unnecessary tests, visits, and streamlines your care. Typically, care at a PCP office for urgent or sick visits will be much less costly than an ER visit.

Patty Kelly, Physician Referral Specialist Did you like Dr. Kisslings article and want to learn more about her? Or need to find a Primary Care Physician close to home? Call Patty Kelly, Physician Referral Specialist, and let her help you find the perfect fit.
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