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Find Your Fomo Score

You can assess how FOMO, or “fear of missing out” might be affecting you and your life by taking the following quiz, developed by psychologists. The closer to 40 your score is, the more you may be impacted by FOMO.

0 = Not at all

1 = Just a little

2 = Moderately

3 = Quite a lot

4 = All the time

  1. I fear other have more rewarding experiences than I do. ____
  2. I fear that my friends have more rewarding experiences than I do. ____
  3. I get worried when I find out my friends are having fun without me. ____
  4. I get anxious when I don’t know what my friends are up to. ____
  5. It is important that I understand my friends’ “in jokes.” ____
  6. I wonder sometimes if I spend too much time trying to keep up with what is going on. ____
  7. It bothers me when I miss an opportunity to meet up with friends. ____
  8. When I have a good time it’s important for me to share details online by updating my status. ____
  9. It bothers me to miss out on a planned get-together. ____
  10. When I go on vacation I continue to keep tabs on what my friends are doing. ____