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Feet and Ankle Injuries Are a Common Problem

Healthy feet and ankles are something we can easily take for granted, until we have a painful problem. With so many intricate bones, tendons and ligaments in our feet and ankles, injuries and issues in this part of the body are all too common.

Fast Fact: Nearly a quarter of all the bones of our entire bodies are in our feet, so it is prime real estate for sprains, fractures and breaks.

Seventy-five percent of people in the U.S. report foot pain or issues with their feet at some point in their life. Ill-fitting shoes, high-heeled shoes, running or walking on an uneven surface can cause pain, damage and lead to injury.

  • Most of us have suffered from an ankle sprain. Sprains occur when the ligaments that support the ankle stretch beyond their limit or tear. Ankle sprains can differ in severity taking just a few days to heal or as long as four to six weeks.
  • An ankle fracture is a partial or complete break in the bone. Fractures can differ in severity with some needing surgery. Sports injuries are often the cause of both ankle sprains and fractures.
  • Arthritis in both ankles and feet is another trouble spot for many of us. People with previous ankle or foot sprains, fractures and other injuries, are more likely to develop arthritis in this area.
  • Arthritis in the feet can make it difficult to walk, while losing flexibility and strength.

If you need are in need of a proper diagnosis for your injury or pain, contact Penn State Health St. Joseph Orthopedics, with locations in Bern and Exeter Townships, to learn about available treatment options. From sports injuries to orthopedic trauma, we have the clinical expertise and advanced technologies essential to provide exceptional care.


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